Decorative Turnings


Decorative Turnings

Decorative Turnings” describes several different kinds of lathe work, combined with various tools and techniques unique to the craft, that create a decorated surface. In our case, we do both standard turnings that are based on accepted designs published in design books that people in the business regularly trade in as well as custom designs developed by us or our customers.

Bun Feet
Wood Legs
Wood Dowels
Wood Spindles
Newel Posts

Our most widely used specialty in turned products is “rope moldings” which we make and ship daily from inventory. Next would be “table legs” that we turn on a per order basis. Also known as “wood legs” or “turned legs” our product is available as a standard product as depicted in our catalog but also as a custom product as requested by any customer who has a certain feature that they want to have incorporated into their turnings! Decorative turning lathes utilize a variety of specialized attachments and cutting tools that create complex forms such as elliptical, eccentric, rectilinear, swash, “hex” patterns, as well as other kinds of geometric shapes and designs.Thus, we come up with what is widely accepted as a decorative turning.

These turnings are often modular and can be mixed and matched to achieve a result that is often more than the sum of it’s parts.Sometimes it is closer to creating art than product!

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