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Whether you need a full truckload or a few boards, our Hardwoods Specialists can answer your questions.

Random width lumber is typically sold by the board foot.  This is a measure of the cubic volume.  The formula (in inches) : Length x Width x Height(thickness) / 144. 

A few examples: 

12x12x1(4/4 thickness) is 1 board foot. 

24x6x1(4/4 thickness) is 1 board foot. 

24x12x1(4/4 thickness) is 2 board feet. 

12x12x2(8/4 thickness) is 2 board feet. 

48x12x2(8/4 thickness) is 8 board feet. 

Everything except for our aromatic cedar is kiln dried. 

We sell 90% of our lumber by the board foot.  This is length X width X thickness (all in inches) divided by 144. So a 12x12x1 is 1 BF.  And a 6x12x2 is 1 BF. 

Most of the lumber we sell is FAS or First and Second grade.  This is the highest grade for lumber and is reserved for furniture and cabinet making.  FAS lumber has a minimum width of 6 inches before any straight edge is ripped onto said board. All of this being said, typically a random width lumber pack of FAS graded lumber will have no less than 5.5 inches in width if it has been ripped, and at least 6 inches for boards without a rip.  #1 and #2 common lumber has a minimum width of 3 inches, and allows for more defects (knots, holes, staining, and wane). 

Under the special instructions for seller box within your cart, you are more than welcome to request attributes you are looking for (straight grain, highly figured, heartwood/sapwood, widths, etc.) and we will try ourto accommodate, but if every customer wanted at least 10 inch wide straight grain all heartwood walnut, our cost and waste would both skyrocket.  What you receive will be hand picked from our current inventory with your best interests and special instructions in mind.  All lumber is kiln dried (except our aromatic cedar which is air dried) and will meet or exceed grading requirements for it’s particular grade. 

Our retail center is open Monday through Friday and we allow local pickup and in some instances can arrange local delivery.  Online order placed for in store pickup will not be pulled prior to your arrival unless specified by the customer.  This is to allow you to pick the exact boards to best fit your project. 

Of course.  If you need 1 board of rough sawn common grade poplar, or 10 truckloads of s4s profiled walnut, we want to be your source.  Call us anytime to discuss options and prices. 

Normal orders can cover a variety of lengths, grades, and hardwood species: 150 bf of S2S to 15/16”, SLR1E, RW x 10’ Lengths of Select and Better Grade (SAB) White Soft Maple, 50 bf of SAB Hickory, Rough, RW x 10’ Lengths, 300 bf of SAB White Oak Rift, S2S 13/16”, RW x 12’ Lengths

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We are here to answer any questions you may have about our inventory and services.

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