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Decorative Turnings

Using different styles of wood turnings can greatly enhance your woodworking projects and bring a unique aesthetic appeal to your creations. Wood turnings come in a wide array of styles, such as spindle turnings, bowl turnings, hollow forms, and more. Each style offers distinct shapes, profiles, and details that can add visual interest and diversity to your projects. By incorporating different styles, you can create eye-catching contrasts and combinations, making your work stand out whether you are building furniture for the home or caskets for eternity.

We offer a large selection of standard turnings designs and also have the ability to turn your custom designs into reality and into actual parts.

Wood Legs
Table Legs
Bun Feet
Wood Dowels
Newel Posts

Decorative turning lathes utilize a variety of specialized attachments and cutting tools that create complex forms such as elliptical, eccentric, rectilinear, swash, “hex” patterns, as well as other kinds of geometric shapes and designs. These turnings are often modular and can be mixed and matched to achieve a result that is often more than the sum of it’s parts. Sometimes it is closer to creating art than product.

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