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Rope Molding

As a trim specialist, you know one of the primary benefits of rope molding is its ability to create visual interest and depth on all kinds of surfaces such as cabinets, furniture, and even caskets. By incorporating rope molding into your design scheme, you can transform flat and plain surfaces into dynamic focal points for your cabinets or walls. It can be used to define borders, highlight architectural details, or even create unique patterns, giving your space a customized and luxurious feel. 


A variety to meet your needs

To serve the trim industry well, we make a broad range of sizes from 3/8″ to a maximum of 13 inches in diameter. 3/8″ and larger sized pieces can be purchased as a whole rope or split in half. The sizes up from that can be purchased as a 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or whole rope, whichever you prefer. We have a core group of wooden rope moldings that we produce and inventory, shipping directly from inventory every day. 


Species available includes: alder, ash, cherry, hickory, hard maple, soft maple, red oak, poplar and walnut. Other species may be available. 

Contact us for your custom order

We ship daily from existing inventory, but we also take custom orders to meet your unique project needs.

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