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RTA Face Frame parts now available

RTA Face Frame parts now available

RTA Face Frame parts are now available as chopped to length part that has a 1/2″ plywood plough milled into it. The Face Frame parts come in all the species that we sell regular face frame parts in such as poplar, red oak, hard maple, hickory and soft maple. They come in a number of standard lengths such as 14.5″, 30″, 31 1/8″, 36″ and 42″ lengths. All are molded to 13/16″ in thickness as well as to their standard widths. All are cut to length via a precision end trimmer for the consistency that you need and want.

We make these parts as a way to deal with side bend and end bow in the standard mill length parts and we go to great lengths to cut any severe bow and bend out of the product.

Call us today at 812-248-2233 and find out how we can make your throughput in your cabinet shop go a little faster!

RTA Face Frame parts now available

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