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Tree Koozies – What a great idea!

Tree Koozies – What a great idea!

No, we didn’t go into the Koozie business but thought it was such a great idea for those of us in the business that we just had to share!


Beautifully handcrafted Beer Koozies made right from tree branches!! Real wood and bark, no fillers or other veneer materials. Made by a local crafter in Massachusetts.  These come in sizes for 12oz. cans, 12 oz bottles or 1 liter bottles.  We currently have them on a trial basis and only have one of each.  If you want more than one or we’ve sold out, please email us and let us know you want a “Tree koozie”!

Tree Koozies

So, if you want one of these, click on the picture above to go to their website!


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